Trice Imaging is the world’s leading cloud-based medical imaging solution. Our innovative technology has made it easier than ever for medical professionals to instantly and efficiently manage images, collaborate with colleagues, share with patients, and integrate with EHRs from anywhere. 

The Trice platform is available in 43 countries and has patient and clinical users all around the world. Tricefy has clinical users in 106 countries across 6 continents. Trice is headquartered in San Diego, California, and has offices in Stockholm, Sweden.


Browser-based and loaded with advanced features, our DICOM viewer works smoothly across multiple devices in compatible browsers whether on the desktop or phone.

Trice's secure, redundant cloud-based image management is instantly accessible from anywhere. Eliminate the need to purchase and support extra hardware and additional software.

Trice long-term storage adds an extra layer of protection to your DICOM data with secure, redundant storage – ensuring that  no single emergency or disaster threatens your data.

Cardiology Center of Dalton

Nicole Accord, BS, RDCS

"Trice is a truly portable system that allows our staff to communicate about cases in real-time from anywhere. The consult feature has helped with facilitating results faster. The user format is uncomplicated and effortless when training new staff."

Our integrated consult feature makes collaboration easy. Collaborate with another doctor or multiple teams over different disciplines using our feature-rich DICOM viewer. Anonymize data, include study notes, and manage access with ease.

Collaborate remotely with colleagues

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Create better patient outcomes with the Trice Cloud PACS

  • Remotely consult and collaborate with other physicians and colleagues

  • Consult and Database Organization Tools at your fingertips for easy communication and note-taking

  • Easy upload and retrieval of DICOM imaging

  • Browser-based DICOM Viewer

  • Long-term, secure, redundant storage

  • Scalable, zero-footprint infrastructure

  • Enjoy 100% remote installation and support

Give your physicians and specialists the tools to improve patient outcomes by establishing continuity of care and ensuring data security.

Build a modern ecosystem
with Tricefy Cloud PACS

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"The remote reporting ability has allowed us to complete studies and reports in downtimes and at home. The ability to store the report and images together in the patient chart helps with compliance. "

Christopher Mason, MD, President

Northeast Texas Women's Health