Tricefy within
AirStrip ONE

Access to patient data, images, and remote patient monitoring all in one place! With Tricefy inside AirStrip ONE providers can make critically informed decisions, for quick diagnosis and implementation of a care plan.

Remote Patient Monitoring, Now With the Power of
Medical Imaging.

Hospitals have a new critical need to arm their clinicians with remote medical imaging surveillance tools to monitor patients in real-time - even at a distance;

∙ Remote Patient Monitoring
∙ Care Collaboration
∙ Share, Archive and Collaborate Imaging Data
∙ Remote Access to Tests & Data

With Tricefy in AirStrip ONE, you get access to medical images, patient data and waveforms in one centralized location with a feature rich viewer. Click on the link below to book a demo, so you can provide safe care at-a-distance.

A Healthcare Ecosystem Beyond the Four Walls of the Hospital

With Tricefy in AirStripe ONE, physicians and clinicians can receive their medical images, data and waveforms anytime, anywhere. The waveform visualization and medical imaging solution benefits many different care scenarios: 

Labor and Delivery

The interface enables visualization of ultrasound images from multiple caregivers such as OB offices and maternal-fetal medicine practices prior to the patient entering the hospital system by networking and routing them through Tricefy into AirStrip ONE.


ICU and Telemetry Care

Point-of-care lung ultrasound exams will no longer require caregivers to transport an infectious patient out of isolation through hallways to a CT scanner. These enhancements can lead to faster diagnosis and care for observed abnormalities.



AirStrip ONE and Trice will be used to share ultrasound information to identify blood clots, valve and other heart defects, ejection fraction measurements, and other key clinical context. This dramatically reduces the diagnosis time and treatment of patients with critical needs.


Emergency Medicine

Through its combined visualization of both waveforms and medical imaging, AirStrip ONE and Tricefy give first responders, out in the field, the ability to transmit critical information back to the ER for immediate action. This allows the hospital to better prepare for treatment of the incoming patient even before they arrive — cutting precious time from the care plan and improving patient outcomes.

Tricefy within AirStrip ONE

About The Partnership

The partnership between AirStrip and Trice Imaging was accelerated due to numerous requests from hospital leaders during the pandemic to increase the clinician-to-patient ratios urgently needed to mitigate the shortage of clinical staff as COVID-19 hospitalizations increased, as well as to protect clinicians capable of caring for patients at a distance to avoid exposure to the virus.

With the goal of speeding up diagnosis and reducing the reliance on physical proximity, both companies will offer their waveform visualization analytics solution and medical imaging collaboration for the benefit of many care scenarios.