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 Use Tricefy for safe, remote medical imaging 
during the COVID-19 pandemic for free

“It’s vital for our practice to keep our patients happy. My patients love the Trice Imaging solution because I can instantly text or email them high-quality copies of their images.”

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With Tricefy's free COVID-19 package: you can:

  • Read and access medical images in the cloud, safely and remotely
  • Remotely consult and collaborate with other physicians and colleagues
  • Use dynamic, adaptive reporting tools
  • Securely store imaging studies for 12 months
  • Route studies between facilities and interface with your PACS and EMR
  • Enjoy 100% remote installation and support

Patient sharing, long-term archiving, and customization of reporting templates can be purchased separately.

*Applicable for new customers only. For existing customers with an Archiving Package or Clinical Suite, we offer to connect partners and referrals free of charge. Contact us if you have any questions.