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 Safe, remote medical imaging during the COVID-19 pandemic for free

“It’s vital for our practice to keep our patients happy. My patients love the Trice Imaging solution because I can instantly text or email them high-quality copies of their images.”

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Dr. Janet Horenstein

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With Tricefy's free COVID-19 solution you can:

  • Read and access medical images in the cloud, safely and remotely
  • Remotely consult and collaborate with other physicians and colleagues
  • Use dynamic, adaptive reporting tools
  • Securely store imaging studies for 12 months
  • Route studies between facilities and interface with your PACS and EMR
  • Enjoy 100% remote installation and support

Patient sharing, long-term archiving, and customization of reporting templates can be purchased separately.

*Applicable for new customers only. For existing customers, we will connect your referral partners for free. Contact us if you have any questions.