Secure Archiving

Help your facility satisfy compliance requirements with unlimited secure, long-term cloud storage. Tricefy™ gives you an exceptional tool for reviewing, archiving, searching and managing encrypted, high-resolution medical images and studies.

Archive Images, Clips and Reports

Host your medical data at one of our professionally managed data centers around the world. Access your examination results anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Archive and Review with unlimited, encrypted cloud storage.

✓ Automatically connects each modality to long-term storage through a single button

✓ Protect your patient data and privacy while exceeding requirements for data protection and of site storage

✓ Eliminates servers, backing-up on DVDs, external hard drives and/or tape drives

✓ Ability to migrate legacy files and studies for a complete archive

✓ Data can be labeled, searched and aggregated, which could assist in research or accreditation efforts

Secure Archiving

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