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Trice Pledged free clinical applications to any healthcare provider in the world during COVID-19

Right now, the world’s healthcare systems are facing unprecedented challenges. Healthcare providers are coming together and rising up to protect an overwhelming number of people from exposure to COVID-19 while making sure they can provide care for the patients who really need it.

Trice Imaging is committed to supporting our healthcare community on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to do our part to flatten the curve and to help you to adapt to the new normal.

“As part of the healthcare community, we at Trice Imaging feel a profound duty to support those on the frontlines, especially our healthcare workers and first responders,” announced Asa Nordgren, CEO. “We have been amazed and inspired by the incredible stories of compassion, sacrifice, bravery and kindness that have emerged from this worldwide challenge. We want to make sure that we do everything in our power to support the people on the frontline. As such, we have made the only right decision to offer Tricefy, our remote medical imaging solution, free of charge to any health care provider in the world for at least the next 90 days.”


Our goal is to help keep patients and providers safe, while continuing to provide the highest possible level of care. We know our cloud imaging solution can help by enabling providers to consult and collaborate with one another as well as communicate with patients via telemedicine, all from a safe distance. The software also enables users to network different locations and share account structure as well as route the data in to other critical IT solutions such as PACS and EMR systems. The Tricefy Consult feature will allow you to obtain real-time second opinions from colleagues when hospital access may be limited and collaborate across multidisciplinary teams. The Tricefy reporting solution offers standard basic reports and can be adapted to the provider’s urgent needs.

The healthcare community cannot be disturbed or disrupted with any administrative work right now. Hence the Tricefy system is a very effective solution because it is simple and fast to install, can be set up 100% remotely with no downtime or interruption of the workday. The only thing that is required is DICOM enabled medical imaging device and internet connection.

“GE Healthcare is proud to continue our ongoing partnership with Trice to help Women’s Health clinicians globally provide high quality of care while limiting unnecessary in-person interaction during this time of crisis,” said Roland Rott, General Manager of Women’s Health Ultrasound at GE Healthcare. “By enabling our entire Women´s Health Ultrasound portfolio to use Trice,  we are putting this tool in the hands of as many clinicians as possible to instantly and securely upload images, data and reports from onsite machines to the cloud to help  reduce medical staff’s and patient’s exposure to COVID-19.”

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