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Welcome to Trice, Dominic!

We are delighted to welcome Dominic Kalvelis, Information Security Specialist, to the Trice team! With his previous experience as Director in Information Security at VirtualHealth hospital, Dominic is a specialist in Healthcare IT Security. He will be working on further strengthen the company’s strong position in Patient Data Privacy and support the expansion of the company’s global footprint. We are super grateful to be able to hire talented people to join us on our mission.

Dominic attended Saint Peter’s University for his BS (Bachelor of Science) in International Business Management and Rutgers University for his MBS (Master of Business and Science) in Computer Science. His technology career began as a consultant with Global Resources, where he was tasked with leading infrastructure technology deployments for JPMorgan Chase throughout the Bank of New York acquisition process.

Next chapter of his career included working for the NFL, specifically with the marketing department, in designing and prototyping mobile applications to be used during the Superbowl that would make the experience more immersive for the attending VIP fans.

He then went to work for Safra National Bank, where he assisted in building out their cybersecurity department in alignment with the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation (23 NYCRR 500), which was a new set of regulations from the NY Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) that placed cybersecurity requirements on all covered financial institutions.

His next endeavor landed him in the startup healthcare technology realm, teaming up with VirtualHealth as a Director of Information Security, tasked with acquiring HITRUST (Health Information Trust Alliance) certification, SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPAA and NIST statuses to meet contractual obligations and prime for global scalability.


What attracted you to Trice Imaging?
Industry Vertical and Opportunity!


What will you do at Trice imaging, what’s your job?
I will be building a formal Information Security expertis for Trice to ensure our cybersecurity posture is in alignment with industry best practices as well as adhering to regulatory compliance to ensure Patient Data Privacy and Global Company Scalability. In essence, I am focusing on reducing the risk of a data breach as well as mitigate the amount of damage that will be caused to the company brand after we get hacked. From the business side, security will add value and influence to the enterprise client sales success conversion cycles.


What experiences do you have that will contribute to the Trice success story?
Just started a month ago, need a few more weeks before I can add to the success story…


Tell us a little something about you and your life?
I am an ethical hacker!



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