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Welcome to Trice, Jeff!

We are delighted to welcome Jeff Conway, Senior Software Engineer, to the Trice team! With his previous experience as a software engineer will be working on further developing the Tricefy web application. We are super grateful to be able to hire talented people to join us on our mission.


What attracted you to Trice Imaging?

There were two main draws that brought me to Trice. The first was that I knew the product was built using my favorite programming language and framework (Ruby on Rails), which I had been away from professionally for some time and wanted to get back to. The second is that I think people worldwide are becoming significantly more amenable to remote medical technology, especially in light of the pandemic, and Trice seemed well-positioned to serve this growing interest.


What will you do at Trice Imaging, what’s your job?

I’m a senior software engineer, and I’ll be working primarily on the Tricefy web application, web APIs that serve other Trice products, and the infrastructure that Tricefy lives within.


What experiences do you have that will contribute to the Trice success story?

I’ve been a software engineer for nearly a decade now and have spent the vast majority of that time working in the specific technologies that Trice uses for its primary service. This includes starting my web application company which was invested in by USA’s most highly regarded tech incubator (Y Combinator) and being the head of engineering at the world’s largest social travel network. I also have professional and academic research experience in artificial intelligence, which may be helpful for future Trice endeavors.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself?

While I’ve lived most of my life in the US, I also lived in a handful of other places, including Cambodia, China, and on a ship! I’m an avid musician and love to play piano and guitar and have written nearly 100 songs. I also take every opportunity I can to play hockey, which is my favorite sport, and try to engage in different forms of volunteering, political activism, and advocacy however I can.


Happy to have you, Jeff!

Want to join our team? We are currently looking for more talented people to join us on our mission. View our job opportunities here : https://triceimaging.com/job-opportunities/

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