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Remote Imaging Consultations: Tricefy in Sports Medicine

GHP Idrottscentrum specializes in musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation in sports medicine. They care for Swedish national teams and elite sports athletes. Now, GHP offers remote diagnostic consultations and second opinions to other practices in the field to provide access to specialist care, regardless of distance.



GHP Idrottscentrum sports medicine ultrasound MSK

“We wanted to solve our archiving problems, and we needed easy access to send images instantly to others. Especially between us and other physicians to provide better care to people anywhere and spread the clinical knowledge and experience. Without having the patient being transported across the country.”

– says Niklas Norlén, Head of Ultrasound diagnostics and Imaging Management at GHP Idrottscentrum in Stockholm, Sweden.


What got you interested in exploring the Tricefy solution?

“We have been using Viewpoint & GE Healthcare for over 10 years. We have known about Tricefy for a long time and now we finally get the chance to try it out. Now, other private clinics within sports medicine will be able to send images to us that we can assess and give feedback on the quality of the images. We can coach and look over that correct diagnostics have been made. Patients from all over the country come to our practice in Stockholm. Now we can help and care for them remotely, without them traveling to us. Our goal is for other healthcare providers to feel that they have experts with extensive experience that can back them up and help them remotely with advanced medicine scanning.”

Why is it important to have the images in a cloud-solution?

“The whole point with getting a scan is to get the information directly so you can start treatment immediately. Therefore, when you do an ultrasound scan it is crucial that you get a result fast. In emergency situations, Tricefy can help us help others in the field. Often we need to send the images to the orthopedic or the surgeon, and we need to be able to send the images right away in good quality. Many patients need their medical images because their insurance companies want proof of their injuries. Many times the patients want the images to be more involved in their treatment, and also they won’t need to travel to get a scan.”

“We have already started up Tricefy with another clinic in Östersund, Sweden. We use Logic E10 and we believe it is the best to use for MSK. Today, ultrasound is of really good quality. For instance, we don’t do MR on shoulders anymore, we do an ultrasound. We use fusion imaging and elastography. We determine the damage with ultrasound and we often make injections with ultrasound guidance. We check the inflammation and if anything is broken. Then we set up the care plan for that patient, which can include anything from surgery and rehabilitation.”


sports medicine skiiers

What future trends do you see with ultrasound in the sports medicine field?

“I believe there are going to be a lot of changes in the future on archiving and documentation. Our patients are with us for a longer period during their treatment, so in my world, you always need to follow up on injuries, go back, evaluate and compare in order to see progress in the treatment. And we needed an easy way to do so, in order to get the full picture of how they are recovering. Today many clinics and practices have trouble with how and where to archive their medical images and patient data. If they archive with paperprints they will experience very poor quality in their images, but with Tricefy it is easily accessed, managed and the DICOM images are stored with high quality.

Why do you use Tricefy?

“Tricefy is a safe and fast imaging management solution that is more up-to-date than other products on the market. There are so many different software options, but not many of them are cloud or allow you to be connected. This is something that is expected by the patient and many providers today. You must be able to share images instantly, that’s how you can save time and resources. Tricefy removes the distance between physicians, other healthcare providers, and specialists. Having the images yourself on your computer is not doing anything and it’s not helping anyone. The cloud solution allows me to be anywhere I want. It’s scalable and the solution fits any size of the organization, even if you are in the process of scaling up.” 

GHP Idrottscentrum

GHP Idrottscentrum has a broad experience of top sports and elite athletes. Today GHP has the overall responsibility for both cross-country and roller skiers in the Swedish national team. They participate as the leading medical staff during the Olympics and in other major events, which gives them a unique sports perspective on what an elite athlete needs to be able to perform at the top level. Niklas Norlén, physiotherapist, works with Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSK) with a focus on diagnostics of all extremity joints. Norlén provides injections in all extremity joints for treatment and diagnosis with ultrasound. GHP Idrottscentrum works in close collaboration with orthopedic doctors and physios. Norlén provides difficult injections in the lumbar spine, neck, and thoracic spine with ultrasound. Niklas collaborates with the back surgeon on these injections in the facet, root, epidural, caudal epidural, SI joints, and more.




Tricefy provides a centralized cloud-based patient sharing, collaboration, archiving, and reporting solution for medical imaging. Experience freedom and peace of mind with the ability to access medical images and data any time, any place, on any device. With a push of a button, streamline your patient sharing, EMR, reporting, and collaboration workflows. Every Tricefy feature is expertly designed to be compliant, efficient, and cost-effective. Installation is fast and remote, with no additional hardware required.

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