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Trice Imaging launches in Iceland and appoints HealthCo as a distributor

San Diego, CA (DATE) – Trice Imaging, a leader in cloud-based medical imaging management, is proud to announce that our cloud-based image management system, Tricefy, is now available in Iceland thanks to the formation of a new distribution relationship with HealthCo. 

Trice, in partnership with distributor HealthCo, will connect medical imaging devices to the cloud to support Icelandic healthcare providers in improving quality of care with fast, secure, and cost-efficient services. As a market leader in ultrasound in Iceland, HealthCo has established GE systems installations across the country and in all specialty groups of the medical environment.  

Trice and HealthCo agree that the partnership is a natural step in the right direction for the two companies, whose partnership creates new opportunities for clients to improve workflows, strengthen security, and increase quality of service – all while using cloud technology.

“There is an increased demand for solutions like Tricefy as the modern healthcare provider is expected to keep up with modern technology with the use of Patient Sharing technology and provide the best possible service to clients and also this will be a competition issue on the market. There is a competition between clinics to stay on top with the latest and greatest equipment. Practices in Iceland are very well equipped and very interested in high-quality products,” says Stefán Skúlason Product Manager at HealthCo. 

“With a certified system from Tricefy available, we can convince our customers to stop using noncertified freeware, as some are doing. The solution has already proven its use on the market. Iceland’s first Tricefy user – 9 Months – are praising the Tricefy solution once again. Fast image transfer, customer satisfaction, and users love it,” says Skúlason at HealthCo. 

“It’s been a few months now since we started using Tricefy for Patients to deliver ultrasound images and videos directly to our customers. We have found that it’s secure, easy, user-friendly, and a time-saving system. Our customers get their images and videos from the examination instantly on their phones and by email and can share them with others. They also find it comforting to have all their ultrasound images in one place. It has enhanced our customer experience and they welcome this step towards the future,” says Elín Arna Gunnarsdottir, Shareholder and Midwife at 9 Months. 

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About HealthCo
HealthCo (daughter company of Fastus) is a leading sales- and service company in Iceland for healthcare products and medical equipment. Their client is hospitals, healthcare centers, regional district fire and rescue services, and private clinics. HealthCo is a distributor for leading companies in the healthcare sector such as GE Healthcare, Bayer Healthcare (Medrad), Stryker/Physio Control, Cardiva, and Biolitec. 

HealthCo: https://healthco.is/

9 Manudir: https://www.instagram.com/9manudir/

Fastus: https://www.fastus.is/


About Tricefy

Tricefy offers physicians the ability to easily collaborate with colleagues, share images with patients, remote access and securely archive medical data, produce clinical reports, interface with health record systems and send encrypted data from portable imaging systems through mobile devices to any communication device such as cell phones, tablets, and computers within seconds.

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