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5 Reasons To Integrate Tricefy with AthenaClinicals

Tricefy seamlessly integrates medical images into athenaClinicals® to provide a secure, automated, end-to-end workflow solution from your medical imaging device to the patient chart.


Here are 5 reasons how the integration can help your organization streamline your daily routine, eliminate costly mistakes, save time and resources:


  1. Streamlined workflow.
    The integration provides an end-to-end workflow solution from medical imaging device to the patient chart, which can save time and resources. No more messing around with multiple systems or manual workarounds.  

  2. Reduced user input error.
    The DICOM worklist feature reduces user input error by automatically populating patient demographics or intake screens on the imaging device. Save time and lower liability.  

  3. Automic import of images and reports.
    Imaging and report results are automatically imported into the patient chart, which eliminates the need for manual data entry. Why do busy work when you don’t have to?

  4. One-click access to a DICOM image viewer.
    Get access to all DICOM viewer capabilities from within the patient record. Voila! No more multiple logins and toggling around.

  5. Improved communication.
    The integration allows for easy sharing of images with patients and referring physicians with just one click. No more printing, burning, faxing, or FedExing.


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Trice-athenaClinicals® Integration

Tricefy-athenaClinicals® Integration is a seamless integration solution that allows for the integration of medical images within athenaClinicals®. This integration includes all Tricefy features such as share, archive, collaborate, and report. Additionally, it includes a DICOM worklist that reduces user input error by having Tricefy populate patient demographics or intake screens on the imaging device. Imaging and report results are automatically imported into the patient chart and the provider is notified via their athenaClinicals® inbox. The integration also includes a DICOM image viewer for better diagnostic tools. Installation is fast and remote, with no additional hardware required. 



We Use Trice!

There are several reasons healthcare professionals should use the Tricefy-athenaClinicals® Integration, but don’t take our word for it. Users have reported that the integration is seamless and efficient, saving time and resources for their clinic. Read some of our testemonials here:



“We are very happy with Tricefy. It integrates well with Athena and operates seamlessly. Whenever we have had a service request, it’s handled professionally and expediently.”

– Gary Rosen, General Manager at Total Urology Care of New York




“I chose Tricefy because it’s super easy to use and better than any solution I’ve used in the past. All my former workflows were very cumbersome and time-consuming for me and my staff. With Tricefy, I can integrate into my EMR provider Athena, and share images with patients and referring Physicians with just one click.”

– Dr Murray, SouthWest FL OB-GYN



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