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Breaking Barriers: Cloud-Based Imaging Technology for IVF and Fertility Clinics

Discover how cloud-based imaging technology is breaking barriers for infertility treatments worldwide. Learn how fertility clinics can leverage secure image management for real-time collaboration, patient empowerment, accurate diagnosis, and improved decision-making – while satisfying regulatory requirements. 

IVF World Day


World IVF Day draws attention to the pressing global health issue of infertility. The 25th of July is marked as World IVF Day because the first child conceived through IVF was born on this day in 1978. Around 17.5% of the adult population – roughly 1 in 6 worldwide – experience infertility, showing the urgent need to increase access to affordable, high-quality fertility care for those in need. In the pursuit of addressing this challenge, cloud-based imaging technology has emerged as a valuable tool in advancing infertility treatments worldwide. Incorporating cloud-based imaging technology can play a crucial role in supporting healthcare professionals and patients to address this issue and facilitate effective treatments worldwide. 

1. Beyond National Borders 

By harnessing the power of cloud-based imaging technology, healthcare professionals and patients can go beyond geographical barriers, facilitating effective treatments for patients seeking to coordinate care at home and abroad.

2. Collaborate with other Healthcare Professionals 

Cloud-based imaging technology provides healthcare professionals with enhanced capabilities for real-time consultation and collaboration across multidisciplinary teams for accurate diagnosis, and improved decision-making to keep treatment on schedule.

3. Improve Patient Engagement

Empower patients by enabling secure access to their medical images, contributing to improved patient engagement and understanding throughout their treatment journey.

4. Satisfy Regulatory Requirements

Security is of the highest priority. Ensure the highest level of data protection and satisfying regulatory requirements when collaborating with colleagues and other healthcare providers. 

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We Use Tricefy 

Obstetric and Gynecology practices use Tricefy to collaborate and network with international multidisciplinary teams in the Women’s Health and IVF segments. In the last few years, The Birth Company, in London, England, has experienced an increase in demand for gynecology scans to be sent to IVF clinics in Spain, Greece, and the Czech Republic where fertility treatments are more cost-effective for the patients.

“We see women in our clinics who are going to go for their embryo transfer in other countries. They go first of all because of the cost, since the cost of IVF in Britain is very high.”, says Dr. Donald Gibb. 


Photo: The Birth Company, London, England.

“Tricefy can impact the clinical outcomes for the patients. Now the IVF clinics can do a better job because they can review the scans and images we have sent to them before the patient arrives. We use Tricefy with just about every patient we see. It’s very simple.”, says Dr. Donald Gibb, The Birth Company. 

Dr. Donald Gibb has worked with developing and building up the Birth Company clinic for the past 20 years. During all those years, mainly as an obstetrician delivering babies, he has seen and used different solutions to give the patients their fetal images. “We were initially attracted to the Cloud solution of Tricefy, the transmission of the images. I’ve been through polaroid images, heat-sensitive images, CDs, UBS sticks, videotapes, DVDs – we have done it all during the past several years. And it is safe to say that Tricefy has changed our lives completely.”– Dr. Donald Gibb, The Birth Company in London.


Tricefy Cloud PACS

Satisfy compliance requirements with secure image management and unlimited long-term cloud storage. Collaborate, share, review, archive, search, and manage encrypted, high-resolution medical images and studies. Tricefy provides healthcare professionals with a flexible platform to securely store and manage studies, all without the conventional hardware cost.

Access medical images at any time, from anywhere. Create remote physician and clinical research collaboration. Easy upload and retrieval with confident disaster recovery. 

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