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Integrate Tricefy and ViewPoint!

Focus on what matters the most with a simplified, centralized and unified workflow. Integrate Tricefy and ViewPoint!


Are you a ViewPoint user? Did you know you can use the Tricefy extension to access your studies from anywhere and engage with patients and colleagues from within your ViewPoint application? 

The ViewPoint Tricefy integration allows you to:

  1. Send images, videos and reports  to patients,

  2. Collaborate with colleagues,

  3. Upload a ViewPoint examination to Tricefy for remote access.


It’s simple. If you are on Tricefy and ViewPoint already all you need is an add-on license from GE Healthcare. Contact your GE Healthcare ViewPoint representative, and together we can connect you and adapt the workflow to your needs. No further licenses for Tricefy is required. Once the ViewPoint exam has been uploaded, you can view it anytime, anywhere, on any device by logging in to Tricefy!


If you are not a Tricefy user yet, no problem. Tricefy access is already embedded in the GE ultrasound systems such as Voluson, Logiq, and Vivid as well as in the ViewPoint systems. All you have to do is to activate it. Simply register and activate Tricefy on your machine or ViewPoint system. The installation is fast and easy and can be done remotely with the support of the Trice team.


Photos: Dr. Ralf Menkhaus, M.D., Co-owner of Gyn-Concept Centre in Germany


Tricefy offers full interoperability. You can connect Tricefy to your imaging machine of choice. Tricefy connects to any imaging device and the platform also interfaces with various systems via HL7, making access to images and reports available with a simple click from EMR/EHR, PACS, HIS, RIS, and more, so that you can build your own imaging network. 

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We Use Tricefy

There are several reasons healthcare professionals use the Tricefy Viewpoint Integration, but don’t take our word for it. Users have reported that the integration is seamless and efficient, saving time and resources for their clinic. Read some of our testimonials here:

“Remote colleagues feel like they

are participating in the whole scan,

Tricefy is so much more real than

only images in a report!”

– Dr. Ralf Menkhaus, M.D., Co-owner of Gyn-Concept Centre in Germany


Watch a demo!

Watch Dr. Ralf Menkhaus, only demonstration of Tricefy with ViewPoint: Webinar: How to increase Clinical and Patient Engagement with Tricefy, with Dr. Menkhaus


Build a Smart Hospital with ViewPoint 6 and Tricefy

Read about Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Dominic Varga, Chief Physician of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at Sana Hospital Biberach in Germany on their to way to a Smart Hospital with ViewPoint 6 and Tricefy.

Read the article

Go to article: Case Study: Dr. Varga ViewPoint6


Product Sheets

You can easily install The Tricefy ViewPoint extension in a few basic steps. Access the product flyers with more information below!


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