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Tricefy, is now certified for Allscripts users

Share and collaborate on your medical images directly from your Allscripts environment while ensuring your diagnostic images are archived and safely backed up.

Interfaces have been complex, cumbersome and expensive to implement. Trice has continued to push the envelope on offering our community simple, intuitive and cost-effective mediums to bring the clinical experience together effortlessly into a single view.

Unlike other technological interfaces proven to be complex, cumbersome, and expensive to implement, Trice continues to push the envelope to provide simple, intuitive, and cost-effective mediums for uniting clinical experiences around the globe.

Now Allscripts customers can integrate their medical images from various imaging devices directly into the clinical system to ensure a patient’s chart is complete with all relevant details and content, including diagnostic images.

Avoid costly and unproductive activities tied to getting data into your EMR. Users have wasted time burning DVD’s, printing, scanning, and faxing medical images into charts to help “check” the box and close the loop. We say NO MORE.

Do things right and do them well. Tricefy securely archives and distributes medical images and reports from any DICOM-enabled imaging device, such as ultrasound and x-ray machines. This seamless integration gives Allscript users access to share and download images using any mobile device. The Tricefy service also includes long-term storage of data, eliminating the need to burn CDs/DVDs, print thermal images, or relying on external-hard drives.

We want to drive the movement of HIPAA-compliant solutions to protect data with secure storage and encryption, while helping to ensure broader adherence to Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements.

We are excited to be the only certified image management system currently in the Allscripts Developer Program. To learn more about the Tricefy experience with Allscripts, click the link below to the Allscripts application Application store Store, or contact us directly.