Cloud PACS

Satisfy compliance requirements with secure image management and unlimited long-term cloud storage. Collaborate, review, archive, search, and manage encrypted, high-resolution medical images and studies.

Our Cloud PACS Explained in 30-seconds

Easy & Simple Access

Cloud PACS can improve productivity and patient outcomes by enabling remote access to medical imaging and data across a growing network of healthcare providers. We offer worry-free archiving with compliant disaster-proof storage designed with multiple layers of state-of-the-art security across a scalable, secure infrastructure.

Fast & Flexible

✔ With one united centralized location, critical medical imaging and data can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device.

✔ Remote access and a feature-rich DICOM viewer give you the flexibility to read, report, dictate, and work remotely while collaborating with colleagues and specialists from around the world.

✔ Without compromising security, unlimited users mean that there is no wait time to access the data you need when you need it, placing the focus back on the patient.

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Get Connected

  • Universal Access

    Provide high availability to images across the enterprise for more efficient patient care and gain visibility into all imaging across your network.

  • Accelerate Care Delivery

    Decrease patient wait time. Facilitate treatment planning and reduce the time to treat through easy collaboration across the enterprise.

  • Clinical Collaboration

    Help physicians become more efficient with the possibility to diagnose remotely and get reimbursement for second opinions.

  • Grow Your Network

    Easily share with outside physicians that can view medical images and clinical documents by accessing secure links.

  • Clinical Research Partnerships

    Share data and facilitate discussion seamlessly among key stakeholders.

  • Scalable & Flexible

    Grow your business without additional software or hardware costs. Pay for what you use with flexible per study or per device packages.

  • Compliant & Secure

    Don't worry about it, we do. Incorporate best practices and meet regional and national laws and regulations – with a full audit trail.

  • Control Risks

    Avoid disaster. Prepare for a data backup plan in case of crisis to avoid the loss of patient records.

  • Manage Costs

    No server hardware - Upgrades, updates, and maintenance are done remotely. Designate onsite IT resources for more valuable tasks.

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