Do you want all your essential clinical information accessible in one location? We offer standardized interfaces for any HIS, EMR, EHR, RIS and PACS.

Seamlessly Connected

Give your physicians and specialists the tools to improve patient outcomes by establishing continuity of care and ensure data security. Trice can interface with various systems via HL7, making access to images and reports available with a simple click.

Immediate Access to Accurate Images and Data

✔ Leverage industry-standard APIs such as HL7 and JSON to integrate medical images through standardized interfaces for any HIS, EMR, RIS and PACS.

✔ Drive productivity and move towards meaningful goals by leveraging leading industry standards to ensure your systems provide one view for all patient data.

✔ Complete Patient Record Integration. A single click from the patient chart opens the corresponding study in the Trice DICOM viewer.

✔ Enable access to images throughout the entire enterprise. Improve clinical workflow by eliminating manual processes like scanning in thermal prints or importing .jpgs.

Immediate access to accurate data and images makes a significant difference in care delivery. Do you want your medical images seamlessly integrated?
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