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Welcome to our news page. Here you’ll find the latest updates and news about Trice.

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With a cross-sectional interventional multicenter study, we are evaluating the impact of using ultrasound in general medicine to determine the patient care pathway. We are proud to announce the partnership between Dr. Pellet, Prof. Letrilliart, and Joachim Dasse-Hartaut from France, GE Healthcare, and Trice Imaging. Together we will perform a pragmatic evaluation of Echoscopy in […]

Our latest press releases

  1. Trice Imaging expands into Asia to improve clinical outcomes and patient communication
  2. Trice Imaging, Inc. launches Tricefy into multiple care areas and expands partnership with GE Healthcare to connect ultrasound image management to the cloud
  3. Trice Imaging expands into the United Kingdom with partner HealthNetConnections (HNC)
  4. Trice Imaging announces expansion into Mexico with partner KPI Healthcare

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For Press and Media professionals, feel free to use the images and videos in our gallery when writing for or publicising Trice Imaging. If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you let us know, we’d be happy to link to what you publish. All Trice Imaging identity collateral is also available on request.


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