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Carnegie Imaging for Women, New York,has joined Trice Imaging’s expanding list of customers

Carnegie Imaging for Women, New York,has joined Trice Imaging’s expanding list of customers

San Diego, California—March 26th, 2014, Trice Imaging, Inc., a leader in mobile medical imaging, announced today that Carnegie Imaging for Women in New York City has launched Trice Imaging, Inc.’s solution.

Trice Imaging, which offers a web-based, medical image routing platform that mobilizes DICOM information from medical imaging equipment to any mobile communication device such as cell phones and tablets within seconds, has revolutionized the way medical images are being converted, shared, and stored by medical professionals and patients across six global markets. The solution gives physicians the ability to share images with their patients and colleagues for fast and cost effective referrals and consultations.

Carnegie Imaging for Women is a state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging center dedicated to putting the most reliable and technologically advanced information into the hands of referring physicians and their patients. Equipped with the very latest in imaging technology, including 4D & 3D ultrasound scanning capability, they are well know for their level of comprehensiveness in OB-GYN imaging. They provide a complete range of services from routine obstetrical and gynecologic studies to evaluating and offering counsel to referring physicians on the most complex pre-natal conditions.

“Carnegie Imaging for Women is very excited to offer a new option to our pregnant patients.  While we have always provided printed photos for patients, now we can offer Trice Imaging’s service to digitally transmit images and cine clips to the prospective parents. This will give our patients far more flexibility to store and share these treasured images of their growing family.  It is very exciting to combine leading-edge medicine with leading-edge technology”, Andrei Rebarber, MD, President, Carnegie Imaging for Women

“We are pleased to welcome Carnegie Imaging for Women to our installed base and having them realize the value in differentiating their practice with our unique service.  Tricefy™ is a perfect fit for the high quality care and wide-ranging services they provide.  The team at Carnegie sets the standard for best practices in Maternal Fetal Medicine and I’m hopeful their leadership position expands with the use of our service”, said Wilson Gottschild, Vice President of Sales.

Trice Imaging’s patented technology has won several prestigious industry awards, including a GSMA Global Mobile Award for “Best Mobile Health Innovation” in 2012, and is making huge strides in defining the future of mobile medical imaging.

Press Contact: Asa Nordgren, Trice Imaging, Inc., USA, +1.858.225.9190, asa@triceimaging.com

About Trice Imaging

Trice Imaging, Inc. is a privately owned company at the intersection of wireless technology and healthcare. Trice Imaging mobilizes medical images by sending them from any imaging modality to any mobile device. Physicians receive remote access to images, cost efficient storage, and the ability to send images to referring physicians. Patients receive high-quality medical images that they can print, store, publish, and send to family and friends or to doctors for a second opinion. Trice Imaging’s award winning, patented technology is an accessory to any ultrasound system or diagnostic software. Trice Imaging is headquartered in San Diego, California and has offices in Stockholm, Sweden.  For more information, visit us at www.trice.wpengine.com

About Carnegie Imaging for Women, New York City

Carnegie Imaging for Women is a world class, state of the art OB-GYN imaging center that has been uniquely designed to meet the needs of its patients. It has two convenient locations on Madison Avenue in close proximity to a number of renowned teaching hospitals. These centers are heavily relied upon by medical professionals throughout the tri-State area as a respected resource for patients requiring ultrasound testing. Carnegie’s facility and providers have received the highest levels of professional certification possible from both the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine as well as the Fetal Medicine Foundation.  For more information, visit them at http://www.carnegieimaging.com