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Launch of Tricefy™ version 3

Trice Imaging, Inc. announced today the launch of its latest system – Tricefy™ Version 3. The new system enables physicians, sonographers, residents, specialists and patients to come together to collaborate and share medical images and critical knowledge in an innovative, secure and compliant environment – no matter the physical distance between them or what devices they are using.


Trice Imaging offers a patented web-based, medical image routing platform that mobilizes DICOM information directly from medical imaging equipment to any mobile communication device, such as cell phones and tablets, within seconds. Trice has revolutionized the way medical images are being converted, shared, and stored by medical professionals and patients across six geographical markets. The solution gives physicians the ability to share images with their patients and colleagues for fast and cost effective referrals and consultations. It also provides patients with instant access to high quality medical images.

“Medical professionals want to streamline the communication and collaboration process and be able to share specific cases or selected images or reports with colleagues both on a more regular basis and on a case-by-case basis,” said Johanna Wollert Melin COO and co-founder, Trice Imaging, Inc. “Printers, scanners and fax machines are in the past. Our customers are progressive and savvy professionals that want access, and the ability to interact with their colleagues, at their fingertips. The New Tricefy™ 3 system ensures that clinics across the globe can accomplish this with the added benefits of a really flexible, comprehensive and easy to use service.”


New features within Tricefy™ Version 3


Multiple clinic memberships – Professionals that service more than one clinic can use a single login to access multiple Tricefy™ accounts. This is especially beneficial for more permanent collaboration relationships between medical professionals and clients requesting over-reading or specialized input.


Collaboration on a case-by-case basis – Users can create a case to share complete studies, or just specific portions, with external collaborators. Images and clips can be anonymized or include medically relevant DICOM data. Cases can be sent back and forth, adding information, uploading files, adding comments or more images until the data is complete and it is time to close the case.


Free reviewing accounts – Medical professionals that do not subscribe to Tricefy™ can still get access to the full Tricefy™ experience as a reviewer. They can use the state of the art viewer (zoom, scroll, pan, pin, search, filter, sort, download) where they can customize how they view, compare, notate, add files, save, export and collaborate on patient cases. The Tricefy™ Viewer is interactive offering with user-selectable views of up to 6 images or cine clips simultaneously; automatic playback of single or multiple cine clips; side-by-side comparison of multiple studies; smooth zooming and panning of images; drop pins for highlighting specific details and the ability to comment on cases. Only Tricefy™ subscribers can connect their own imaging devices and initiate a collaboration case.


“The broad set of new capabilities within Tricefy™ will help us more effectively satisfy patient expectations of modern healthcare and better share images and clips with colleagues with whom we consult” said Greggory DeVore, M.D., Director of the Fetal Diagnostic Centers. “The speed at which Trice Imaging is implementing game-changing technology is in line with the company name, Trice, which means, in a heartbeat.”


“Tricefy 3 allows healthcare professionals to work in distributed teams in ways never seen before. We have gone to great lengths to provide frictionless workflows while still maintaining high data security and confidentiality at every step. Tricefy 3 defines what a professional social network for doctors can be. I think that puts miles ahead of any competition in this field” said Martin Westin CTO and Co-founder Trice Imaging Inc.

Press Contact: Asa Nordgren, Trice Imaging, Inc., USA, +1.858.225.9190, asa@triceimaging.com

About Trice Imaging

Trice Imaging, Inc. securely expedites the sharing, reviewing and archiving of medical images by bridging the gap between DICOM-serving modalities and any device with a web browser. Collaborating medical professionals gain remote access to images, cost efficient storage, the ability to send images to referring physicians and patients, as well as secure and compliant cloud storage. Patients receive high-quality medical images that they can print, save and send to family and friends or to doctors for a second opinion. Trice Imaging’s award-winning, patented technology can be automated from all DICOM-enabled medical modalities and works with all PACS systems, current Internet browsers, smartphones and tablets.

The solution is a patented, HIPAA compliant, FDA-classified as a Class 1 medical device launched in 6 market. Trice Imaging is an ISO 13485 certified, private company headquartered in San Diego, California and ha a office in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, visit www.trice.wpengine.com.