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The Tricefy-Connected Islands: Increased Quality of Care for Patients on La Réunion and Mayotte

Several hospitals on the small French-speaking islands in the Indian Ocean (La Réunion and Mayotte, and soon on New Caledonia, Pacific Ocean), are using the Tricefy solution to collaborate with other providers, specialists, and experts across the globe. Now that the island hospitals are connected with the Tricefy solution, the physicians have access to patients’ images, reports, clips and results. They can now quickly and securely make critical decisions and provide second opinions-regardless of their location.


On the island, La Réunion, located about 800 km/ 500 miles east of Madagascar, four hospitals have implemented Tricefy, the centralized cloud-based solution for patient sharing, collaboration, archiving, and reporting for medical imaging. Dr. Coralie Dumont, La Réunion, was looking for a solution to help the hospitals communicate on patient cases with specialists located in Paris, France through a secure platform on a regular basis. That is when she found Tricefy.

With Tricefy integrated into ViewPoint 6, all of the external hospital centers and midwives on the connected islands have created standardized reports that are used to share patient cases between the facilities. Now, all the needed information is added to the preliminary reports and sent over to the specialists through the secure Tricefy platform. The providers then discuss the cases over meetings with specialists. When the reports are finalized, they are sent back to the corresponding physician to follow up on the next steps for the patient. 


Tricefy combined with ViewPoint has increased our efficiency. It has also increased our quality of collaboration through our staff meetings, which has impacted the quality of our medical decisions. We have now standardized our meetings and our reports with Tricefy. This has become a great win for all users!

– Dr. Coralie Dumont, La Réunion.

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de St Pierre,  La Réunion.


By connecting the majority of sites on La Réunion through Tricefy, it has allowed the hospitals to share medical data, without any limitation. Tricefy has simplified their clinical workflows and at the same time, improved the quality of care for patients on the islands, who are now receiving treatment faster. The Hospital Center of Mayotte, and on La Réunion; the Hospital Center of Félix-Guyon, Gabriel Martin, and St-Pierre, (Prenatal Center), have successfully implemented Tricefy to be used for collaboration between different facilities. Hospital Center of Saint-Benoît, Réunion, and Hospital Center of New Caledonia are in the process of installing Tricefy for the connected island project. 


About Trice Imaging 

Trice Imaging provides quality of care for people regardless of who and where they are by connecting medical devices to the cloud for instantaneous remote collaboration between healthcare providers as well as image and report sharing with patients. Trice Imaging’s patented technology was awarded “Best Mobile Innovation for Health” at the 20th Global Mobile Awards is currently improving quality of care across 6 continents. Trice has clinical users in 106 countries and consumer users in every country of the world. The Tricefy service is applicable on any imaging device regardless of brand. The privately held company is headquartered in San Diego, California, with offices in Stockholm, Sweden, Munich, Germany and Mumbai India. For more information, visit us at http://www.triceimaging.com.


For more information about Tricefy, contact us here: www.triceimaging.com/covid19