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Trice and GE Healthcare Offer Free Remote Medical Imaging Solutions to First Responders Utilizing Handheld Ultrasound During COVID-19


GE Healthcare and Trice collaborate to offer complimentary Tricefy access to Vscan Extend™ users during global pandemic

Trice Imaging is committed to supporting those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. To help provide a safe environment for both patients and providers, Trice is proud to announce that we are partnering with GE Healthcare to offer Tricefy clinical applications free of charge to healthcare providers until July 31st, at a minimum. with a direct connection from GE Healthcare’s premiere handheld ultrasound technology, Vscan Extend™. These include Tricefy’s collaboration, archiving, routing and reporting features.

Tricefy supports safe medical imaging collaboration between remote sites such as a sterile ICU and offsite consults. With our integrated, cloud-based solution, providers can instantly and securely share examination images, clips and reports with colleagues for seamless collaboration.

“Portable imaging, combined with cloud-based connectivity opens up a new world of possibilities to provide care remotely and can have significant impact on treating and monitoring COVID-19,” remarked Asa Nordgren, CEO of Trice Imaging. “The Tricefy system can help providers triage, monitor and make sure that patients end up at the right point of care. By conducting scans outside of high-risk environments like hospitals, then sending the data in for diagnosis and management instructions, we can help avoid scenarios where the patient is sent in to an in-person setting unless it’s absolutely necessary.” This way we can provide quality of care to people regardless of who and where they are while keeping both patients and providers safe.

Point-of-care lung ultrasound exams can be highly valuable and are beneficial in recognizing findings in early clinical use. Furthermore, ultrasound can provide information to help triage and support management of patients at the point of care without having to transport an infectious patient out of isolation through hallways to a CT scanner, potentially leading to the need to disinfect the CT scanner, which the American College of Radiology has recently stated can take “approximately one hour.”

With a connected scanner, a provider can capture the images, generate a report and initiate collaboration, enabling care to patients even when staff is limited.  COVID-19 experts available can now be of service to a larger group of patients regardless of where they are.

“Through our partnership with Trice Imaging, we are able to provide clinicians with the ability to consult and collaborate with colleagues and experts around the world. This, in combination with Vscan Extend’s portability, cleanability, and clinical apps, extends the reach this powerful tool has for assessing and monitoring patients with COVID-19,” said Jim Hurley, General Manager Handheld Ultrasound.

With Tricefy, imaging studies, reports, and other data can also be routed from one location to another, to different PACS or EMR systems, or to networked clinical sites. The Tricefy Consult feature allows providers to obtain real-time second opinions from colleagues when hospital access may be limited and collaboration across multidisciplinary teams is necessary. Tricefy also provides a reporting solution that can be adapted to your urgent care needs.

“Tricefy is an essential tool when transmitting scans from our life flight crew to the receiving clinicians during emergency calls. Tricefy allows us to archive images and enabled quality assurance of our flight crews’ Pre-Hospital POCUS images.” stated Robert Strony MD, Ultrasound Director at Geisinger.

The Tricefy Uplink app is available for download and installation on Vscan Extend device from the GE Marketplace. Users can sign-up, get connected and be ready to collaborate within minutes. Installation and support are 100% virtual and at no charge to users.

If you are facing challenges regarding remote reading, second opinion workflows or clinical research needs, please contact Trice at COVID19@triceimaging.com or visit www.triceimaging.com/COVID-19

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