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Trice Imaging, Inc. Announces Grant from Qualcomm Wireless Reach

Trice Imaging, Inc.  announced today that they have received a grant from the Qualcomm Wireless Reach initiative.

Trice Imaging, which offers a web-based, medical image routing platform that mobilizes DICOM information from medical imaging equipment to any mobile communication device such as cell phones and tablets within seconds, has revolutionized the way medical images are being converted, shared, and stored by medical professionals and patients across six international markets.

The grant will fund a trial in rural Morocco during the fall of 2013, with the objective of proving   that wireless connected ultrasound machines in remote places can deliver the same, or even higher, medical quality images as previously used methods, such as printing on thermal paper and/or burning CDs. By providing a cost efficient solution and accesss to medical expertise in under-served areas with a low doctor to patient ratio, this technology could enable women in developing countries to have access to high quality health care in conjunction with pregnancy and giving birth.

“We are very proud to receive this grant and the opportunity to prove the difference our technology can make. 800 women die every day from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth.  Postpartum Hemhorrhage (or bleeding to death) is causing 30% of these deaths, and most of them could be avoided by an ultrasound examination. Our technology will have a positive effect on the UN Millenium Development Goal #5 of bringing down maternal deaths by 75%.” said Asa Nordgren, CEO of Trice Imaging, Inc.

Trice Imaging, Inc. is also happy to announce that Qualcomm, Sony Mobile, Meditel and an ultrasound vendor selected by Trice Imaging all will be partners in the project and will be important contributors of equipment and know-how.

Trice Imaging’s patented technology has won several prestigious industry awards, including a GSMA Global Mobile Award for “Best Mobile Health Innovation” in 2012, and is making huge strides in defining the future of mobile medical imaging.  Trice Imaging plans to continue its expansion into new markets in 2013.

Press Contact: Asa Nordgren, Trice Imaging, Inc., USA, +1.858.225.9190, asa@triceimaging.com



About Trice Imaging

Trice Imaging, Inc. is a privately owned company at the intersection of wireless technology and healthcare. Trice Imaging mobilizes ultrasound and x-ray images by sending them from any imaging modality to any mobile device. Patients receive high-quality medical images that they can print, store, publish, and send to family and friends or to doctors for a second opinion. Doctors receive remote access to images, cost efficient storage, and the ability to send images to referring physicians. Trice Imaging’s award winning, patented technology is an accessory to any ultrasound system or diagnostic software. The first service was launched in Scandinavia in 2009. The service sends video clips, 3D and still images to patients and doctors. Trice Imaging is headquartered in San Diego, California and has offices in Stockholm, Sweden.  For more information, visit us at www.trice.wpengine.com


Wireless Reach initiative from Qualcomm

Qualcomm believes access to 3G and next-generation mobile technologies can improve people’s lives. Qualcomm’s Wireless Reach initiative is a strategic program that brings wireless technology to underserved communities globally. By working with partners, Wireless Reach invests in projects that foster entrepreneurship, aid in public safety, enhance the delivery of health care, enrich teaching and learning and improve environmental sustainability. For more information, please visit www.qualcomm.com/wirelessreach.