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Trice Imaging, Inc. launches Tricefy into multiple care areas and expands partnership with GE Healthcare to connect ultrasound image management to the cloud

San Diego – 1 March 2018 – Trice Imaging, Inc., a cloud-based medical imaging solutions provider, today announced an expansion of their partnership with GE Healthcare to take image management on GE Healthcare’s latest high-end radiology ultrasound system, the LOGIQ™ E10, to the cloud.

Trice Imaging’s system –Tricefy™ – connects any imaging system to the cloud. The Tricefy system enables collaboration among physicians through one-click image, video and report sharing, remote clinical collaboration, secure archiving, remote access and reviewing and integration with Health Record Systems (EHRs). Tricefy has clinical users in 106 countries across 6 continents.

The Tricefy system has been built into GE Healthcare’s OB/GYN ultrasound systems since 2016. Tricefy makes it as easy to connect image devices to the cloud as it is to connect a cellphone to the cloud. The LOGIQ™ E10 from GE Healthcare addresses a variety of clinical needs from head to toe – including the liver, OB/GYN, breast imaging, musculoskeletal and interventional radiology, no matter the age or size of the patient. Tricefy seamlessly integrates with the interface on GE Healthcare’s ultrasound systems to further enhance and streamline the workflow for the user.

“As hospitals expand their geographies, clinicians are increasingly demanding seamless access to medical imaging. At GE Healthcare, we are committed to providing simple solutions that are clinically intuitive and enable effective communication,” said Brian McEathron, General Manager, General Imaging Ultrasound at GE Healthcare. “The Tricefy solution meets a growing need for clinicians to collaborate with remote colleagues.”

  • Tricefy improves the clinical and patient experience in several ways:
    CLINICIANS can now access images and reports from anywhere, and instantaneously and remotely collaborate with other physicians via cost-efficient, secured storage.
  • HOSPITALS can see economic benefits as well, given that Tricefy integrates into existing PACS and EMR systems, saving on implementation costs. In addition, the solution eliminates the need for DVDs or thumb drives for sharing with patients and other medical providers for second opinions, connecting networking practices together that are on different IT platforms.
  • With Tricefy, PATIENTS receive high-quality images, videos and reports easily and directly on their phones/tablets via email during the course of a routine exam.

“Review of ultrasound images coupled with communication between those performing and reading the ultrasound is a part of any good ultrasound practice. The need is greater as the demand for rapid diagnosis increases. This is harder than ever; the scans and the readers are becoming increasingly separated: there are more sites without local readers and more portable studies,” says Dr. Larry Needleman, Associate Professor, Director, Ultrasound Jefferson University Physician. ”Using technology to share images and provide feedback during the scan solves many communication problems. The team can review the images and analyze the findings together, and they can determine if the images are adequate or if more scanning is necessary. Difficult cases may be reviewed by experts wherever they are stationed. Technology like Tricefy which links communication and scanning have enormous potential to improve patient care by reducing incomplete ultrasounds and speeding up the diagnostic process.”

“Our partnership with GE Healthcare has been very successful and we are excited to expand that relationship as Trice expands into other care areas,” said Asa Nordgren, CEO and founder of Trice Imaging. “It’s an honor to have Tricefy Inside as part of GE Healthcare’s most advanced radiology ultrasound system, along with other innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms. GE’s global presence and renowned sales force will further support and accelerate our mission – providing quality of care for people regardless of who and where they are – in multiple care areas. While Tricefy is very easy to deploy on any imaging machine, regardless of brand, via a simple download, an embedded device creates an exceptional user experience.”

Media contact: Asa Nordgren, CEO and Founder +1 8582259190. Asa@triceimaging.com
About Trice:
Trice Imaging provides quality of care for people regardless of who and where they are by connecting medical devices to the cloud for instantaneous remote collaboration between healthcare providers as well as image and report sharing with patients. Trice Imaging’s patented technology was awarded “Best Mobile Innovation for Health” at the 20th Global Mobile Awards is currently improving quality of care across 6 continents. Trice has clinical users in 106 countries and consumer users in every country of the world. The Tricefy service is applicable on any imaging device regardless of brand. The privately held company is headquartered in San Diego, California, with offices in Stockholm, Sweden, and Munich, Germany. For more information, visit us at http://www.trice.wpengine.com.