Do you want your medical images integrated seamlessly in your EMR? Explore the Tricefy-athenaClinicals® Integration.

Access Your Medical Images within athenaClinicals®

Tricefy seamlessly integrates into athenaClinicals® to provide a secure, automated, end-to-end workflow solution from your medical imaging device to the patient chart. Streamline your daily routine, eliminate costly mistakes, save time and resources.
Tricefy athenaClinicals® integration includes:

∙ All Tricefy features. Share, Archive, Collaborate, Report.

∙ DICOM Worklist: Reduce user input error by having Tricefy populate patient Demographics or intake screens on the imaging device

∙ Imaging Integration: Imaging and Report results are automatically imported into the Patient Chart and the provider is notified via their athenaClinicals® inbox

∙ DICOM Image Viewer: Need a better diagnostic tool? Access the Tricefy browser based DICOM viewer to review images and cine clips.

∙ Installation is fast and remote, with no additional hardware required.

Trice-athenaHealth Integration

Tricefy-athenaClinicals® Users