Tricefy seamlessly integrates into athenaClinicals® to provide a secure, automated, end-to-end workflow solution from your medical imaging device to the patient chart.

Access Your Medical Images within athenaClinicals®

Streamline your daily routine, eliminate costly mistakes, save time and resources. Installation is fast and remote, with no additional hardware required.
Tricefy athenaClinicals® integration includes:

∙ DICOM Worklist: Reduce user input error by having Tricefy populate patient Demographics or intake screens on the imaging device

∙ Imaging Integration: Imaging and Report results are automatically imported into the Patient Chart and the provider is notified via their athenaClinicals® inbox

∙ DICOM Image Viewer: Need a better diagnostic tool? Access the Tricefy browser based DICOM viewer to review images and cine clips.

Trice-athenaHealth Integration

Tricefy-athenaClinicals® Users

Learn How To Use Tricefy in athenaClinicals®

Maximize your investment in athenahealth

Trice provides an innovative sharing, collaboration and image management platform. We can eliminate the need to purchase and support expensive servers, computer hardware or special software to manage your image data.

Streamline Image Access

  • Medical images sent from imaging device are stored for up to 20 years in Tricefy™
  • Once images are stored, links to access the images are automatically available within athenaClinicals® within seconds
  • Providers simply click the “Trice Images” link to view the study within Tricefy™

Eliminate manually scanning images

  • Storing images with Trice eliminates the need to print and scan thermal prints, saving the time and expense of printing images
  • Images stored in Trice maintain their original DICOM format and quality

Sharing and Collaborating like never before

  • Collaborate on select cases with individual providers or clinics via email
  • When collaborating with providers, either anonymized or original DICOM data can be shared
  • Share select images and/or clips with patients via text or email directly from the imaging device or through your Tricefy™ account
  • When sharing with a patient, data can be automatically anonymized and branded with your practice logo


More useful information:

About the Partnership

Trice Imaging, Inc. partners with athenahealth to enable customers to easily share medical images with patients, collaborate with colleagues and automatically access medical images from athenaClinicals.

Together, the companies will work to link athenahealth’s growing network of more than 55,000 health care providers with the capabilities of Trice Imaging Inc., so they easily can share medical images with patients, collaborate with colleagues, and automatically access medical images from the athenaClinicals® electronic health record (EHR).