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The simplicity of
medical imaging,

The Trice collaborative medical image-sharing tool makes it easy and simple for medical professionals and patients to instantly access medical images from anywhere.

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Want to see how fast and easy Tricefy™ is for collaborating with colleagues and sharing images with patients? Share a little info with us and select the experience you want to try. It’s that simple.

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What makes Trice different?


Simple & easy

Everything about Trice is designed to be simple and natural, and it literally takes 10 minutes to set up.


Mobile collaborations

Trice empowers medical professionals to easily collaborate with colleagues on the go while allowing patients to access their images on any mobile device.


Cost savings

Trice eliminates printing and shipping charges, licensing fees and upgrade costs, while removing the burden of backing up image data.


Security & performance

Our patented technology is compliant with all standards and regulations, and our automated, smart workflow processes are executed with lightning speed.

Many uses for many users

The clinician

As a physician or a sonographer, you need to be able to review and share images with the greatest of ease. Using Trice will allow you to assess studies, provide and seek second opinions, and improve patient care no matter where you are.

The practice administrator

Running an efficient, profitable and compliant practice while providing the best care for your patients are common goals for administrators and managers. Trice can help achieve those goals.

The IT technician

As an IT technician, the last thing you want is another complicated system to deal with. Trice is simple and easy to implement with automated software updates – 10 minutes is all you need to start realizing the benefits of Trice.


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