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Trice launches in Germany

Trice Imaging, Inc. Announces first step into the Central European market.

San Diego, California—August 15, 2013, Trice Imaging, Inc., a leader in mobile medical imaging, announced today that the company is entering the German market as a first step in its European strategy.

The company’s first customer in Germany is a well-known Munich based clinic run by two highly respected maternal fetal medicine specialists. Dr. Agnes Huber and Dr. Elisa Zikulnig. They use the image routing system differently than other physicians do as they share not only the images with patients and other physicians, but also provide their patients with access to the actual medical report. This gives the patients control over their own health record and educates the patients about their health. It also makes it possible for the patients to carry their health record in their pocket, which might come in handy if they need care at another facility or when it is time for delivery.

“We are very pleased with the technology. It offers us a secure and compliant way to share images and reports that we have never had before. It supports us in our mission to become completely paperless in the future. It is also significantly cheaper than the color printing we used to do.” Said Dr. Huber.

Dr. Huber and Dr. Zikulnig. are pioneers. They have a very modern view on their patients. They live and breathe the new paradigm in health care and they execute daily what most people are just talking about. We are very proud to work with them.

The launch of our service Dr Huber and Dr. Zikulnig’s clinic marks a new era for Trice Imaging. This is just the first step in our European strategy.” We will spend a lot of our time and passion in the central European market in the upcoming years says Asa Nordgren, CEO and Co-founder of Trice Imaging Inc. “Germany is a very important imaging market, about 1/3 of the European Market, so that’s where our epicenter will be. We are currently talking to distribution partners and looking for local talent,” Asa continues.

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