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Trice welcomes developer Benjamin Rhodes to the team

Benjamin or Ben is our latest catch and we are very proud to welcome him to the development team. Ben has a divers background and bring extensive program expertise to the table. This is Ben:

What attracted you to Trice Imaging?

The challenge of the unfamiliar and growing medical industry. There is an incredible amount of room for innovation in this space. Plus getting the opportunity to say my work is helping save lives makes me very proud.

What will you do at Trice imaging, what’s your job?

Building, beautifying, and iterating on Trice Imaging’s current and future products.

What experiences do you have that will contribute to the Trice success story?

Countless years spent working with designers and business owners to bring their ideas and dreams to life.  Throughout these years I have built and honed many profitable products ranging from humble mom & pop e-commerce stores to large scale software as service products.

Tell us a little something about you and your life?

Born and raised in New York, eventually migrated south with the birds for warmer weather. Headed out to San Diego with nothing but a suitcase and a laptop. Now I have decided that this is the place to settle down and now I have found an amazing company to work with.

Welcome Ben, its great to have you on board.

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