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Our new web

It’s finally here. After countless hours our new corporate website and updated branding is complete. This opens a new chapter for our company.

Trice has grown significantly recently. We’ve added new customers, new employees and formed new partnerships with industry leaders to expand the innovative simplicity of the Tricefy™ service. It was time to up our game with the way we communicate to the world.

At Trice we are constantly innovating and brainstorming on the simplest ways to address complex problems. Our new website echoes the ease of use our customers experience with Tricefy™.

We have built Trice on a fundamental belief that clinicians need and deserve tools that make their practices dynamic and efficient.  We believe that Tricefy™ allows them to achieve more for less while simplifying medical imaging everywhere. Tricefy™ truly makes everyday tasks more efficient while empowering healthcare professionals to achieve the unthinkable. A value proposition that is hard to beat.

We hope you enjoy the new Triceimaging.com

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