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Live in Texas

Finally. We have been dreaming about this project for quite sometime.

San Diego, California—May 16, 2014, Trice Imaging, Inc., a leader in mobile medical imaging, The Bedford Fire Department, DFW Airport and Hurst Firefighters in Texas and Samsung Health and Medical Equipment announces a project to become first in the country to implement live ultrasound procedure at the scene of an emergency. The project is lead by the renowned pioneer in acute medicine Dr. Yamada, EMS Medical Director for Bedford and ten other fire departments.

During a 90 day trial, the Fire Department and DFW Airport will send ultrasound studies via Trice Imaging, Inc.’s technology from ambulances to 8 hospitals’ emergency rooms, to be reviewed by doctors who will determine if the patient will need to bypass the ER and go straight to surgery. If the project can show the promise to save lives, the solution will be implemented in 11 EMS units in Texas.

Link to release by Bedford Fire Department

Link to channel 8 video clip

Training in Bedford


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