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Samsung announces the preliminary results of a groundbreaking trial

Today Samsung announced early results of the Emergency Medicine project we participated in with them in Texas. We believe this is the first time in history that medical images have been sent via mobile network from a moving ambulance, to physicians on call in the hospital. This is saving valuable time and potentially saving lives by allowing paramedics and physicians to perform remote diagnostics while allowing hospital staff to properly prepare for the arrival of the patient. We are very proud to have contributed to this project and expect great things to come as a result.  Project website

This announcement is timed with the annual ACEP (American College of Emergency Physicians) conference, which is the largest emergency medicine conference in the United States. Next week we will attend ACEP’s annual meeting in Chicago with about 7,000 attendees to showcase our technology together with Samsung and in our own booth.  In addition, we will present the results of our project in Morocco with another one of our partners, Sonosite.

The Emergency Medicine project in Texas and attending the ACEP conference are the first steps in our expansion into the Point of Care segment. We are eager to learn more about the specific needs of the Point of Care and Emergency Medicine markets and know that our technology can help healthcare providers further improve quality of care for their patients.

 Project website

 Project video



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