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Trice at AIUM

Las Vegas April 2nd 2014

The American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine, AIUM, had their annual meeting in Vegas this year. Trice selected this event to depute as an exhibitor.

To walk our talk we wanted to do something special. We wanted our booth to stick out the way our company does in the industry in general. We decided to go all white. White carpet, white walls, white furniture; it worked. Our booth really popped out in the crowed. We were very busy. We met with new and old customers and demonstrated out technology to hundreds of people.

The market is definitely taking off now. We used to have to explain and motivate what we are doing. Now the industry is on the same page and we are motivated to keep our leadership.


Voila! We were all white and shiny. It sticks out in a mostly dark blue, gray and black industry.


We also did a hospital event with Samsung doing live scans with Tricefy on their on ultrasound device.


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