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Welcome Audree our new VP of Engineering

What attracted you to Trice Imaging?

I looked only at companies focused on medical/clinical web applications.  I’ve had a lot of  deep technical experience including working on an EMR product for 10 years.  At this point in my career,  I want to  work on systems and products that could make a difference in peoples lives. Trice Imaging fits that criteria.  I knew right away that this was the right place for me.


What will you do at Trice imaging, what’s your job?

My role is everything back-end: cloud architecture, HIPAA compliance, secure image transmission.  My current project is an embedded Dicom receiver that pushes images securely to the cloud;  the cloud component is infinitely scalable and fully compliant.


What experiences do you have that will contribute to the Trice success story?

Most recently I worked on a cloud system that handles billions of transactions  per day.  I really enjoy developing robust and infinitely scalable systems that never go down.  I have a wealth of technical experience including software architecture and all phases of the development life-cycle that I bring with me to Trice.  Additionally, I spent 4 years as a college Computer Science faculty member.


Tell us a little something about you and your life?

I start out every day with 30 minutes of yoga; I am a huge fitness and health enthusiast.  I have two grown children (Bree and Tyler); plus twin five your old grandchildren (Hayden and Brenna).





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