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eliminating geography is disrupting healthcare

How Eliminating Geography is Disrupting Healthcare

eliminating geography is disrupting healthcare


From smoke signals to Skype, humans have always tried to invent communication tools to transcend geography. Today, the internet is our most versatile technology that allows us to communicate without physical implications.

At Trice, we leverage the power of the internet, also known as the cloud, to help physicians optimize financial, clinical, and patient outcomes by making geography irrelevant.


In order to optimize outcomes, we had to eliminate 3 major restrictions caused by geography:


1. Eliminate geography and reduce costs by 97%:


In 2014 we partnered with Qualcomm to run a trial project in three small villages in rural Morocco. Local midwives, nurses and doctors performed 575 ultrasounds on expecting mothers and sent the results to be interpreted and diagnosed by physicians in 3 larger cities.

By using our cloud technology, we were able to connect the dots between physicians and patients instantly to provide better, more timely care. As a result of wirelessly routing images to the cloud, the total cost per patient was reduced from $80 down to $2. That is 97% of the cost saved by streamlining the medical imaging process.


2. Eliminate geography to save time and optimize patient outcomes:


In 2014 we also partnered with Samsung Healthcare to conduct a trial project with 3 EMS departments in Texas, USA. 50 paramedics used portable ultrasound devices and our sharing, and collaboration features to save time, and as a result save lives while trauma patients were en route to emergency departments.

This project shows that you can optimize patient and clinical outcomes by performing prehospital ultrasound scans. Automatically streaming patient images to the cloud as they are created, allows triaging teams to better assess and prepare for patients.

Dr. Raj Gandhi, Trauma Medical Director at John Peter Smith Hospital, Fort Worth shared how our Tricefy™ technology helps them optimize clinical and patient outcomes:

By receiving ultrasound images from the emergency services personnel while the patient is en route, I can make a

more accurate determination if surgery is required and have the patient transported directly to the operating room.

This trial points to a significant opportunity to improve our emergency services protocols that has the potential to save many lives.


3. Eliminate geography for optimized clinical outcomes:


Increasing demand for physicians’ time creates a need for convenience and flexibility, especially when reviewing patient studies. In the past, this meant being stuck in office after hours.

“One of the many reasons we chose Tricefy™ was the ability to securely access and review images from anywhere. While traveling globally for work, I’m still able to review studies and assist my staff“ – Dr Andrew Garber, Perinatal Associates

You do not have to be a globetrotter to experience the benefits of our cloud solution. Instant, remote access removes the overhead of physicians transporting themselves to a particular facility in order to review patient studies and make a diagnosis.


To learn more about our Morocco and Texas projects visit http://trice.wpengine.com/projects/.

See for yourself what eliminating geography can do for your practice. Experience our Tricefy™ demo today http://trice.wpengine.com/freedemo/

-Martin Westin

CPO & Co-Founder

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