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Its here. Our latest innovation – The Tricefy Uplink

San Diego—February 5th, 2015

Trice Imaging, Inc., leader in mobile medical imaging is proud to announce the release of its latest innovation the Tricefy Uplink.

Trice Imaging makes it easy and simple for medical professionals and patients to instantly access medical images from anywhere.  The Tricefy™ platform includes the ability to manage images in the cloud, instantly collaborate with colleagues, share images with patients, interface with Health Record systems, and finally, send encrypted data from portable imaging systems through mobile devices to any communication device such as cell phones, tablets and computers within seconds.

Tricefy Uplink, a down loadable software can replace the hardware component of Trice’s solution. The Tricefy Upink is a compact, embedded software component that can be downloaded to a computer or server. Multiple imaging systems can be connected through the same Tricefy Uplink.

The software can also live on the imaging device itself.  Tricefy Uplink takes care of all encryption and networking and eliminates the need for configuration on the ultrasound devices and it automatically connects and authenticates the device to the network. It allows seamless communication to the Tricefy solution without certificates, DNS or custom ports.

The Tricefy Uplink runs on Linux, Android and Windows operating systems and is very easy to install.



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