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Welcome Yuri Rivkind Senior Software Developer

What attracted you to Trice Imaging?

Initially, what caught my eye, were the cutting edge technologies Trice was using to build the next generation of their medical software. Once in the interview process, I also realized how much I liked the people on the team. Everyone is very dedicated, professional and fun-loving at the same time.

What will you do at Trice imaging, what’s your job?

I am a software engineer, and I will help with building the next generation of Tricefy web applications.

What experiences do you have that will contribute to the Trice success story?

From the technology stand-point, I have almost two decades of experience designing web-based software. Also, being an avid traveler, and having experience working with people from around the world, I feel like I fit in well with the international team here at Trice.

Tell us a little something about you and your life?

I live in Southern California, and have all the hobbies which are required here by law: surfing, scuba diving, yoga, etc. And once in a while, when I have a break from work, I like to go someplace far away and exotic.

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