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We are excited to welcome GE Healthcare to our growing portfolio of partners.

GE Healthcare has a beautiful product portfolio, a very strong global sales team, decades of clinical experience and a great brand. This pairs perfectly with Trice’s agility, innovative services, and in-depth understanding of patient behavior.


Roland Rott, General Manager of Women’s Health Ultrasound for GE Healthcare, describes our relationship as follows:

“With clinicians and patients increasingly demanding seamless access to medical imaging, we’re committed to providing simple solutions that are not only clinically intuitive, but also make the care process more fluent. The Tricefy solution does just that, as it meets a growing need by clinicians to collaborate with remote colleagues and share examination results with patients.”


Tricefy can be used with any imaging system, but now GE Healthcare’s scanners come with Tricefy Inside, which means all the beautiful benefits of Tricefy live inside the scanner.

The integration of Tricefy on the GE Healthcare scanners brings one-click online sharing, collaboration, remote reviewing and cloud storage to the devices, allowing the users to immediately save time and cost while providing maximum security and privacy for patient images and data.

The Voluson Expert Series 2017 is the first of the GE Healthcare devices to be launched with Tricefy Inside.


Trice is The Ultrasound Cloud. That means we are taking a firm stand for interoperability and support all scanners in the market, working alongside the manufacturers.

Together with GE Healthcare we look forward to exploring new solutions, new segments and new markets.

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