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Welcome to the Trice family Aamir!

What attracted you to Trice Imaging?

It’s so easy!!!! Being around healthcare IT for a few years now, I see it bogged down with complexity that hinders the patient experience. The people here at Trice have taken a consumer minded approach and applied it to significantly improve the quality and access of healthcare and they do so with passion. When you combine the passion of the people, the mission to not just improve healthcare but redefine what quality of care means, it’s extremely powerful and one that I am thrilled to be a part of.


What will you do at Trice imaging, what’s your job?

I am happy to do anything! We all where many hats and I will help where the team needs me. Officially, I am the GM for North America and Emerging Markets. I am tasked with growing and developing our core markets, find new ones and stay focused on evangelizing our values and goals across the healthcare industry.


What experiences do you have that will contribute to the Trice success story?

I have been fortunate to have a diverse career working from a start up to F1000 companies. Along the way I seemed to have found a calling in Healthcare and working to transform the current way of thinking to finding a better way. I respect the challenges my customers are faced with and appreciate the opportunity they each give me to help improve the current situation and work towards a better solution.


Tell us a little something about you and your life?

The Siddiqi house hold is a busy one! With two little kids, two dogs, there is literally always someone running around. Keeping the family active and on the go to burn off energy is top of mind! Weekends are full of activities to keep the troops active. When dad has downtime, dinner and a movie are my favorite things!


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