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Welcome to Trice, Zone Imaging

“We are elated to be joining forces with Trice Imaging. Trice Imaging’s patented technology is a value added service to any medical imaging system or diagnostic software. We see this as the future of medical imaging and want to expand this into many markets in Australian and New Zealand.  OB/GYN is the obvious first target but we are exited to expand Tricefy’s utility to more areas including, but not limited to, radiology, sports medicine, rural and remote medicine” say’s Zone Director John Grimshaw. “This is an exciting product for us and we already have customers using Tricefy™ with great success” Mr Grimshaw continues.

The feelings of excitement are mutual. Bernd Nuber our Senior Vice President of business development say:

“We are excited to announce the co-operation with Zone Imaging, a well known and experienced partner who has access to key opinion leaders and the reach into different diagnostic disciplines in Australia and New Zealand. We feel very confident that Zone Imaging under the leadership of John Grimshaw will provide additional value to the ultrasound community in the region by positioning Tricefy as the next generation cloud based image management solution, which enables physicians to easily share, collaborate and store ultrasound examinations while saving time and money”

The partnership between Trice and Zone Imaging is a non-exclusive distribution agreement for Australia and New Zeeland and it targets all ultrasound segments including women’s health, cardiology and general imaging.


Welcome Zone, we are looking forward to working with you

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