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“Echoscopy”, the use of ultrasound in primary care: An Evolution in Healthcare or a Revolution of Mentalities?

With a cross-sectional interventional multicenter study, we are evaluating the impact of using ultrasound in general medicine to determine the patient care pathway.

We are proud to announce the partnership between Dr. Pellet, Prof. Letrilliart, and Joachim Dasse-Hartaut from France, GE Healthcare, and Trice Imaging. Together we will perform a pragmatic evaluation of Echoscopy in General Medicine by comparing diagnoses and outcomes of a group of patients examined with physical examinations vs a group of patients also examined with a portable ultrasound device.


We will use the Vscan from General Electric for the ultrasound examination and Tricefy, a secure cloud-based service, to document and share examination results.

Nine frequently suspected diagnoses will be compared.
Images and videos of the ultrasound examination will be stored in Tricefy along with the examination report. These will be shared with a radiologist for evaluation. The radiologist will also review the reports uploaded from the patients being examined physically only. Both groups will be systematically monitored with a high-end ultrasound system by the radiologist. The results of both groups will be compared to evaluate the impact of using ultrasound at primary care centers.

With the results of this study, we expect to prove there would be a huge impact by restructuring the healthcare system for primary care using ultrasound and a cloud-based communication platform as a standard.

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