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Carnegie Imaging for Women – New York

Carnegie Imaging for Women is a large state of the art diagnostic imaging center with multiple locations.  As a client since January, 2014 they have been able to eliminate expensive thermal printing and provide a unique and modern experience to their patients.

“Carnegie Imaging for Women is very excited to offer a new option to our pregnant patients.  While we have always provided printed photos for patients, now we can offer Trice Imaging’s service to digitally transmit images and cine clips to the prospective parents. This will give our patients far more flexibility to store and share these treasured images of their growing family.  It is very exciting to combine leading-edge medicine with leading-edge technology”

– Andrei Rebarber, MD, President

“Providing patients with electronic images via Trice’s technology has proven to be an overwhelming win for our practice.  Patients love having the service, our sonographers find it very easy to work with, and we’re even saving money by virtually eliminating the thermal printing we used to rely on.  What’s more, we’ve received incredibly positive feedback from our referring physicians, and feel strongly that the added value Trice provides has strengthened our ability to differentiate our practice within the very competitive MFM landscape in  New York City.”

– Leslie Protomastro, RN, MBA, Chief Operating Officer