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Dr Andrew Garber – Perinatal Associates

Perinatal Associates uses Tricefy™ to review and archive studies, share images with patients and remotely read images for other practices. They have used the Tricefy™ service since April 2013. Dr. Andrew Garber, a well-known and respected physician who has been practicing Obstetrics and Gynecology for more than 30 years owns the clinic.

 “After just a couple of weeks using the Tricefy™ service as our image management tool, I’m already impressed by the image resolution and quality we receive through the web interface.”

 “One of the many reasons we chose Tricefy™ was the ability to securely access and review images from anywhere. While traveling globally for work, I’m still able to review studies and assist my staff with the Tricefy™ service.  Prior to having Tricefy™, we saved studies on thumb drives.  Accessing and reviewing studies has become infinitely easier with Trice.”

 “The Tricefy™ service is a great fit for any practice with multiple locations and the need to review images from anywhere.”