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Dr Richard Murray at SouthWest Florida OB-GYN – Athena User using Trice since April 2014

I choose Tricefy because it’s an innovated solution and it’s super easy to use so much better then I had before. Before I burned CDs drives, downloaded the images on USB drives and scanning the images in to my EMR provider Athena. All the former workflows was very cumbersome and time consuming for me and my staff with Tricefy all of this workflows sending in to Athena, sharing images with my patients and Referring Physicians is just one click away. We are light years ahead where we were before.

So far it’s great, my staff likes it, my patients love it and my Maternal fetal specialist are super happy with the Tricefy solution. We haven’t had a single complain from any users or patient. The image quality when I review my images are great and I really like the compare feature where I can go back and compare older studies with new studies on more complicated cases. Every time I have change I love to show my industry colleagues what a great solution this is. I really enjoy the storage possibility. It’s great because I don’t have to maintain my own servers and I can access my images from anywhere as long as I have a browser

The biggest impact has been to make my clinic so much more efficient and it saves of a lot of time every day