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web-based medical record security

4 Ways to Stay Secure with Web-based Medical Records

web-based medical record security


I see a fast growing trend that healthcare professionals want to leverage the internet to streamline workflows, and optimize patient and financial outcomes.


By using web-based medical technology to collaborate on medical cases from anywhere, and share examination results with the patients. For example, in the U.S. the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is mandating Meaningful Use in an effort to drive interoperability, and improve quality of care, safety, and clinical efficiencies.

While web-based medical technology can greatly improve workflows, reduce waiting times for patients, and save costs–4 big security concerns remain:


  1. Physical Security:

Physical security should be the first pillar in any web-based medical record platform to prevent patients data from being compromised. At Trice, we chose our partner Amazon because of their high standards for physical security.

  1. Network Security:

As the healthcare industry adopts web-based medical records and data goes mobile, there are many opportunities for network vulnerabilities. To prevent network vulnerabilities, network security must be the second pillar in any web-based medical record platform. Our technology prevents network sniffing and keeps network streams 100% secure.

  1. Data Security

In order to keep a patient’s records private when using a web-based medical record platform, data needs to be encrypted. We built Tricefy with a proprietary encryption system to ensure that networks are always secure.

  1. Data Access Security

The fourth pillar necessary to prevent a patient’s information from being compromised, is data access security. A patient’s medical records should be kept on a need-to-know basis, and only those who need to have access should have access. Tricefy prevents outsiders from getting into the system by requiring a personal password that needs to be changed on an ongoing basis, and an additional access key.

We built Tricefy upon these 4 pillars to deliver the security your practice depends on. Stay secure so you can streamline workflows, capitalize on cost savings, and care for your patients the best way possible.

Be the one to help your practice thrive. Experience our free demo today. http://trice.wpengine.com/freedemo/

-Bern Nuber

Senior VP of Business Development

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